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A full-service hair salon here for you

Founded in 2010, Hairticians Hair & Beauty salon has grown to be one of the most prominent spots in Bristol hair community, guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of our customers. Over the years, we have always been committed to making our devoted customers look stunning, empowering them with confidence and making them feel their best. Contact us now and see what our team of qualified professionals have to offer you today!​

Here at Hairticians, we represent what hair and beauty are all about. Taking your hair from the extremes to great levels you never thought was possible, ensuring that your hair accomplishes its full potential, leaving you feeling refreshed and amazing. Regardless of the type of woman you are one thing most women can agree on is that hair is very important and when your hair looks great, you automatically feel great, with us women getting busier and busier each day sometimes it can be challenging to put ourselves first and taking the time to take care of ourselves, and this is what Hairticians Hair Salon loves to be apart of. Also, our Beauty team will provide beauty treatments and secrets that will leave you looking and feeling incredible with an instant burst of self-confidence. Put yourself first, give us a visit us today.